The Blogger
Hello, world! My name is Michelle, but online I typically go by the name "Bloo". I am 20 years old and currently attend college full-time at the Art Institute of Houston as a Web Design & Interactive Media major. Besides designing and coding websites, gaming, and being a lazy bum (not gonna lie..), I'm a professed product junkie that's always reading reviews and looking to try new things. This blog is where I document and share all of my findings! ^_^

Bloo Green?
Why is the blog called Bloo Green? Well, Bloo because it's my name, and Green because most of my posts will be reviews on NATURAL and ORGANIC cosmetic and skin care products that I've tried. I just recently discovered EWG's cosmetic database and learned about all of the not-so-good chemicals in the products I once used. So while I'm on the hunt for new products to overhaul my beauty regimen, I hope to help anyone else out there on a similar mission to find products that are safe AND effective.

I am a firm believer in "what works for one person may not work for another," and so I feel it's important when reading reviews to know a bit about the author - especially for cosmetics and hair-care! So, here you go:

Hair -
- Color: Brown, not color treated
- Type: 2A/2B; Fine, wavy

Skin -
- Color: Medium with golden undertones; tan easily
- Type: Oily/Combination, Blemish-prone